Entrance Passes

Do you have any earlybird tickets or advance tickets this year?
Earlybird tickets are not available this year. Therefore, there is no favorable condition for pre-order. Instead, you can purchase discount tickets online, which are cheaper than the on-site ones.

Youth Pass

I am a student who wants to purchase a Youth Pass. Can I choose the date ?
You can choose the date on the calendar in payment window when you purchase Youth Pass at Auction. Please select the desired day (among Fri, Sat, Sun) at the payment window and proceed with the purchase.
Is a student ID acceptable for Youth Pass identification?
A student ID card is acceptable if it includes your photo and date of birth.

STAR Pass & Entertainment Guest

When can I purchase a Star Pass?
You can purchase Star Pass at Auction from 2 pm on Thursday, July 5.
Are Star Pass, Photo / Auto Ops transferable?
Please be aware that any transfer or proxy purchase is strictly prohibited. Therefore, you MUST make sure to make a purchase with your own Auction account. Also, please remember to bring your Photo ID card to Comic Con Seoul for the identification.
If I bought either the Star Pass or Photo & Auto Ops through authorisation (verification code) with a phone owned by another family member will I still gain entry?
As we previously announced, If you have not bought tickets with an Auction ID, created by your own legal name, then entry will not be permitted.
Because I live overseas, I have bought a Star Pass/ Photo & Auto Ops through a family member that resides in Korea. Will I be allowed entry on-site?
Because we have offered for foreigners and oversea residents an English-link through which one can purchase tickets from abroad, if you have not bought tickets with an Auction ID, created by your own legal name, entry will not be permitted.
In signing up for membership on the English-site, you can join by entering both your legal name and overseas phone number, and if you have done so, you can gain entry on-site through informing us your phone number (the number you used to create the overseas Auction account).
If I purchase a Star Pass, can I take photos and autographs from both 2 Entertainment Guests?
Yes, you can. A Star pass includes the benefit of Photo&Auto from total 2 Entertainment Guests and has the same operation policy with separate Photo/Auto Ops.
If I purchase Photo/Auto Ops, can I take the photo or auto from the desired guest on the desired date?
You can check each guests’ schedule at Auction and Comic Con Seoul’s official website. Please check it in advance and select the option you want.
If I purchase Star Pass or Photo/Auto Ops, can I bring a companion?
If you are a Star Pass or Photo/Auto Ops purchaser, you will get an entrance bracelet on your wrist at the ticket box. If you don’t have it, you are not allowed to enter the STAR ZONE(The Photo/Auto booth). Which means, you CANNOT bring any companion regardless of his/her age if he/she doesn’t have the bracelet(Preschoolers under the age of 6 are not allowed as well).
If I purchase a Star Pass, am I not allowed to enter the hall besides the star sessions?
Since Star Pass already includes 3-day pass, you don’t have to purchase any other tickets to enter. In other words, you can enjoy Comic Con Seoul for all 3 days with a single Star Pass. But please be advised that Photo/ Auto Ops are optional tickets for who already has a Day Pass. Which means, to enter Comic Con Seoul, you must buy a Day Pass no matter you have Photo/Auto Ops or not.
What happens to the Star Pass, Photo & Auto ops cancellation tickets?
If you fail to complete your purchase then the Auction system will automatically release these tickets for others to purchase. If you enter into the Auction system and if the ticket you are looking for is available, the quantity remaining will be visible (If the ticket you’re looking for is sold out, then it will appear as ‘The item is currently not for sale’.)
If I chose the ‘Bank Transfer’ option for either the Star Pass or Photo & Auto ops, what happens if I then fail to deposit the payment within the due date?
If you chose ‘Bank Transfer’ as your selected payment method, you would’ve been informed of the due date for depositing payments. If you fail to meet this deadline, your ticket will automatically be cancelled and will be offered to another customer.
Is it possible for me to transfer or give away Star Pass and Photo & Auto ops tickets to another individual?
As we previously announced, transfers and proxy (substitution) purchases are not permitted nor allowed. Thus any ticket acquired through transfers or purchased from another individual at an additional cost (than the original ticket price) cannot be cancelled or refunded, and also may be invalidated or subject to legal action without prior notice. If you come across an article or website where illegal transfers and proxy purchases of Comic Con tickets are taking place, please contact and inform the Comic Con Seoul team. We sincerely ask for your help and support in maintaining and sustaining a healthy environment that celebrates culture and art that is equally offered to everyone.
When will on-site Photo & Auto ops be sold?
The Photo & Auto Ops Booth is to be located inside the COEX hall, therefore for Star Pass users entry inside the venue is allowed from 10:30 a.m. on all three days, and for regular pass users entry is allowed from 11:00 a.m. on all three days of the event. The Photo & Auto Ops tickets are subject to availability, thus limited quantities of tickets may be exhausted early.
Where can I purchase Photo & Auto ops tickets on-site?
It will be sold at the ‘Star zone’ within the Comic-Con Seoul Hall, and the overall floor plan of Comic-Con Seoul 2018 will be announced along with the overall operation plan in mid-July.
How can we be notified of the exact number (quantity) of Photo & Auto ops tickets to be sold on-site?
The number (quantity) of on-site option tickets that can be purchased on each day will be announced that day by push-alarms through the Comic Con Seoul Mobile App and through Comic Con Seoul’s SNS channels, so watch out for further details. And further information and updates on the mobile app will be released in mid-July through Comic Con Seoul’s Official Channels.
If I purchase Photo & Auto Ops on-site, can I also purchase a Saturday/Sunday Option?
You can only buy options for the events that are happening on that same day. (e.g. Friday options are only available for sale on Friday)
  ■ 8/3 : Photo A, Photo B, Auto A, Auto B
■ 8/4 : Photo C, Photo D, Auto C, Auto D
■ 8/5 : Photo E, Photo F, Auto E, Auto F
Do I need to buy additional pass (entry) tickets for Photo & Auto Ops Options?
The Photo & Auto Ops do not include entry passes, so you need to purchase a corresponding date entry pass (1~3 days) to gain entry.
Thank you so much for your interests and support and we sincerely hope to see you at Comic Con Seoul 2018.
How many poses can I take in the Photo Studio?
You can take 2 poses for 1 shoot with each of the stars, and get one of your photos printed immediately. Also, we will send both of your photos via email.
Can I take group photos?
If you want to come together with your friends who have all purchased Star Pass /or Photo Ops, maximum four(4) people are allowed to take group photo together.
Can I take a photo with my personal cellphone in Photo Studio?
Cell phone, Selfie stick, and Cameras are not allowed to bring in Photo Studio.
Can I bring some props to take photo with the Hollywood star?
If you would like to bring some small props to take photo with the Hollywood star, please let the staffs know on-site so that you can bring them inside.
Is it possible to bring weapons-which are allowed to bring into exhibition hall-into the STAR ZONE as props for photo?
All the weapons are strictly prohibited to bring into STAR ZONE regardless of the size and type, no matter it is fake or real.
Can I personally give a gift to the Hollywood stars?
You are not allowed to give the gift to the Hollywood Stars personally. Instead, we prepared a big gift box in front of Photo Studio and Autograph booth where you could leave your presents. Comic Con Seoul team will safely deliver all of the gifts to them. If you try to give a gift to the Hollywood Stars in Photo Studio, Autograph Booth, or during VIP session, it could be restrained by the security guards.
Can I to get an autograph on my own prop, instead of prepared paper?
The paper for autograph will be prepared at the Auto Ops zone. If you want to get an autograph on your small personal items, please let the staffs know in advance so you can bring it inside. If the props are too big or can cause controversy, or are not reported in advance to our staffs, they are not allowed to bring in.
Do we have some extra precautions when I take a photo with the Hollywood Stars?
Please avoid touch, comment or behavior which can make the guests uncomfortable.
Can I bring my personal belongings with me when I enter into the Photo Studio or the Autograph Booth?
Before you enter into the Photo Studio or the Autograph Booth, please keep your personal belongings at the table outside. The staffs will keep them safe.
Which day are Hollywood stars(Entertainment Guests) going to show up in Comic Con Seoul?
Hollywood stars(Entertainment Guests) will attend Comic Con Seoul for all 3 days, from August 3rd to 5th. You can enjoy various events with them and they will also appear on Amazing Stage, the main stage of Comic Con Seoul, which is opened to everyone. But please remember that only for Hollywood stars session in Amazing Stage, the tickets of seats will be distributed two hours in advance. The stage timetable is being coordinated with many guests and will be updated in the middle of July, so please stay tuned!

Comic Con Seoul Event Regulations

Can I wear a costume without cosplayer registration in Comic Con Seoul?
Yes, you are welcomed to do so.
I’m gonna cosplay a character with his/her signature weapon. What weapons are allowed/not allowed to bring in?
Allowed: Comic Con Seoul allows fake weapons which are made of EVA foam, FOMEX, hard board, wood, styrofoam or other light materials. Guns are allowed only when there is no risk of confusion with a real weapon. If there is any possibility of confusion, please block the muzzle with an orange tip and remove the bullet or battery to make it impossible to use. An arrow is allowed only if the arrowhead is made of soft material.

Not Allowed: Real weapons and items that could harm other people are strictly prohibited, and please be advised that in any case you bring them, your entry can be denied and the weapons can be confiscated immediately.

Guns including air guns, BB guns, toy pistols, paintball guns, toy air guns
Firearms all types that can be confused with real firearms, including replicas, imitations, and toys
Chemical weapons self-defense spray, pepper spray, mustard spray, etc.
Blunt weapons brass knuckles, sticks, nunchucks, weapons made of metal or glass, etc.
Explosives including fireworks
Actual dischargeable weapons actual bow, long bow, water gun, shotgun, thread spray, water balloon, etc.
All weapons with metal blades or pointed shafts axes, daggers, hats, knives, swords, swords, wand, jackknife, etc.

More details about cosplay entry will soon be updated.
If all the guns are prohibited, can’t I bring a motor gun that has an orange tip and no battery with it?
You can bring it in if you blocked the muzzle of the gun with an orange tip and removed its battery. We will inform you about general rule of cosplay costumes in details as well as the other operational policies.
Are pets allowed in Comic Con Seoul?
Due to the regulation of Coex, no pets are allowed.