Anime X Game Festival 2018
Korea's first and biggest 'official' animation X game event will finally begin. Anime X Game Festival 2018 is a festival for animation fans and game fans held by representative animation contents companies from Korea and Japan. We present an exhibition of popular animation and game contents, sale of goods, and even the anticipated stage event to meet the voice cast, director, and anisong artist! This all-day festival for Korean fans will be held in this November. Anime X Game Festival 2018 will be held at Kintex Hall 9, Nov. 3-4.
「ANIPLEX」, a Japanese Entertainment Company, with main business in animation video and music production, Now expanding its reach around the world, from mobile games, product development, musical to event business. 「ANIPLEX+」, an online shop under direct management, handles products such as figures, BD, and CD, so that customers can enjoy various popular contents. And it officially started its service in Korea on May 9, 2018. This time, there will be an exhibition of upcoming figures and demonstration and goods of new FGO project,『Fate/Grand Order Duel -collection figure-』.
Illustrator, uniquelab
Pixiv Ranker. Digital illustration artist. LOVSWORD is publishing 6 series of Illustration Art Books (# 1 ~ 6) related to 'Fate / stay night' and 'Fate / Grand Order' in Korea and Japan. In Comic Con Seoul 2018, # 7 season LOVSWORD new illustration and limited edition goods will be released.
As the huge tide of smart media affects to the cultural contents industry, its influence spread out into the world. Also the ongoing development of future industry in Korea is expected to contribute to accelerate this phenomenon in the Kids contents industry. In this situation, Korea Animation Industry Association has been established to contribute to the growing importance of animation and protect the rights of Korean animation productions. We aim to create the optimum conditions for providing high quality animations to the blossoming children with vitalizing Kids contents market in Korea
Korea Webtoon Industry Association
Korea Webtoon Industry Association was established in October 2015 to expand the cultural value of the Korean webtoon and to develop the webtoon industry. Currently, there are 26 companies, including Webtoon platform and agency, We are striving to nurture the talents of the Webtoon industry in 2016 by opening the ‘Webtoon PD Academy’ for the first time in Korea and the first and second courses of ‘Webtoon Planning and Editing’.
Gaia Corporation Co.,Ltd
Since entering the collectible business as a Hot Toys wholesaler in Korea in 2014, our business is highly growing up every year. Beside of collectible business, we are also importing toys and baby gear for Korean market. With strong character license such as Disney, Pinkpong, Heyjinny and various distribution channels, we achieved 45 million US dollar in 2017.
We are a major and the largest supplier of beauty and theatrical makeup in Seoul, Korea. We have been a distributor of the makeup and SFX (special effects) makeup, face & body painting products for the professional makeup artists in Korea since 1993. Our store is the first pro makeup store in Korea. To introduce the special, stunning make-up goods, we have been importing over 10,000 various items, more than 30 brands from all around the world. We are highly reputed among the make-up schools, professional makeup artists, productions, TV stations and film industry.
ShinHanart Materials Inc.
ShinHanArt is renowned the world over for its excellence in quality. Our wide range of art materials are used worldwide in diverse fields by professionals and hobby artists. ShinHanArt is headquartered in Seoul, Korea. Having over one hundred and fifty employees, we operate two manufacturing factories, and pledge to continue manufacturing art materials with colors that stimulate artists' passion around the world. With over 50 years of heritage, ShinHanArt continues to be Korea’s dominant market leader in art material industry.
INAMU corp.
We provide the only webtoon platform service in Korea that specializes in children. Called ‘Inamutoon’. We have competitive contents IP and our own IP to provide family-oriented contents that not only children but also the whole family can enjoy. We are conducting OSMU projects in various fields such as animation, educational contents, toys, and MD by utilizing children's webtoons and characters.
YBM B&C Inc.
Xanthus Corp. is specializing in sports platform services, offering sports fans tools to record and share their experiences watching professional sports games. Xanthus Corp. also runs application and market services for the Korean Baseball Organization(KBO), offering information and various products licensed by the KBO.
Funiot Inc.
Funiot makes products that consumers can experience new and fun cultures by using smart IoT. With our innovative smart wearable devices, people have more dynamic and exciting moments in their daily lives. A representative product, "CHEMION," in conjunction with the smartphone app, allows consumers to design and express their own messages or pictures as LEDs. With Bluetooth, you can use CHEMION for 8 hours and store your own 5 animations in the glasses. Many consumers express their individuality in various places, including parties, concert, clubs, and sports team cheering :)
Figure Gallery Limited
Figure gallery co.,ltd is the official trading company specially handling movie figures of HOT TOYS, SIDESHOW, BLITZWAY, PRIME1STUDIO, BANDAI which are the global movie figure brands.
Wacom Korea
Founded in 1983, Wacom is a global company based in Japan (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 6727) with subsidiaries and affiliate offices around the world to support marketing and distribution in over 150 countries. Wacom’s vision to bring people and technology closer together through natural interface technologies has made it the world’s leading manufacturer of interactive pen tablets and displays as well as of digital styli and solutions for saving and processing digital signatures.
501st Legion & Rebel Legion
501st & Rebel Legion are the world’s definitive Star Wars Imperial/Rebel costume club, with more than 18k all-volunteer active members around the globe. The Legions not only research & develop screen-accurate costumes, but also seek to contribute to local society by costumed charity works. We believe that is what Star Wars stands for. In Seoul Comic Con 2018, the Legions team up with Make-A-Wish Foundation to hold the Blast-A-Trooper event. All the fund raised will be donated to Make-A-Wish. ⓒ & ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.
Gordo & Laika
Da da da da da dum dum da, Da da da da da dum dum da, If there`s anything that you want, If there`s anything we can do, Just call on us and we`ll send it along, With love from us to you.
Drawing Ant & DODE
We are Ant and Dode who draw warm artworks.
“Give a new sensibility” Since 1997 Kumhong Fancy Co.Ltd opened a new era in the character stationery business. As a company specializing in licensing, manufacturing, and distributing world-famous characters, Kumhong Fancy Co.Ltd has taken firm position as a powerhouse leading a new change in domestic fancy stationery industry. Furthermore, Kumhong Fancy Co.Ltd releases and provides various products ranging from fancy stationery that a main item to office supplies as well as household goods.
Kim Hanseul/Haren
Hello, I'm Haren. my name is Kim Hanseul. I love vintage art and design in 20century early-mid. Usually, my artwork of subject is vintage. Also, I do fan art of popular or like characters in my own style. I hope you will be happy and enjoy through my artworks and vintage at COMIC CON 2018 in Seoul. Enjoy together the COMIC CON 2018 in Seoul. :) Thank you,
Founded in 1994, NEXON Co., Ltd. (“Nexon”) (3659.TO) is a company engaged in the production, development and operation of online games. Nexon is a pioneer of business models such as microtransactions and the Free-to-Play model, and is acknowledged for its professional and long-term live operation capacity. First listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in December 2011, Nexon was placed on the Nikkei Stock Index 300 in 2017. Nexon currently has more than 80 live games in various genres operated across more than 190 countries. Major game titles include Dungeon & Fighter, MapleStory, Kartrider.
NoxBiX Co., Ltd.
It is 'NoxBiX', professional development and distribution company of digital contents. We are currently focusing on game development and publishing, and will expand into the genre novel field.
Brand name 'DOTOY' is a combination of words 'DO' and 'TOY', which are originally from 'Do it yourself toy'. Motivated by the image of a baby sucking thumb, it is designed to easily express positive emotions including 'thumbs up', 'great', 'ok' and 'I like it'. DOTOY's main concept is a helper which supports people to express their own characteristics and daily feelings. 'Chupachups DOTOY Heros', the 2018 new edition, are selected as Chupachups official liscencing products, and were designed based on DOTOY's unique features, by designer Hyeong-Hoon Yoo.
Since 1985, TongBang imports books for kid, Junior, Adult from the U.S, U.K, Singapore, Hong Kong’s major publishing companies. Our goal is to satisfy the customers by supplying them a variety of good books in right time.
Laftel is the biggest online streaming service specialized in Anime in Korea. More than 300,000 anime lovers are using Laftel website and mobile app. Please visit our service and enjoy watching thousands of anime, with brilliant personalized recommendation for you.
Marvel, which began in 1939 as Timely Publications, has been producing various entertainment contents featuring characters and stories of Marvel Comics. In 2018, Marvel celebrated the first 10 years of ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU)’, scoring an unprecedented record of total 100 million Marvel audience in Korea with the success of <Black Panther>, <Avengers: Infinity War> and <Ant-Man and the Wasp>. ? Notable titles: <Avengers: Infinity War>(2018), <Ant-Man and the Wasp>(2018), <Black Panther>(2018), <Thor: Ragnarok>(2017), <Doctor Strange>(2016), <Captain America: Civil War>(2016) and more
MYSIMTOON is a cartoonist from the USA, currently working as a caricature artist in Korea. His caricatures are drawn in the styles of various pop culture cartoons, comics and video games. Don’t miss the chance to meet many different artists at Comic Con Seoul!
Metal Brick is a 100 % domestic design, technology and manufacturing company that creates metal assembly models that deliver semi-permanent storage and excellent appearance without wrinkles. With high quality and unique differentiation of items and competitiveness similar to actual models, we are creating added value for overseas export.
Character Designer, Concept Artist, Arteum Drawing Class Teacher
We are a team of three brands, 'MI*HUE', 'Bunnycat' and 'Blue Carrot'. focusing on jewelry, product, stationery things like that. Our work is separated by a focus on one side art work, and one side commercial work. We would like to share our designs to share with both the younger generation, and older generation of people alike.
BomNamu imports and distributes famous overseas products such as Lego, Disney, Hatchmals and Minions. Pre-sales for FUNKO figures (Limited quantity)
Made with mom’s love?? We only use fresh and all natural ingredients. No preservatives added.
Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment, Inc is a premier developer and publisher of entertainment software. After establishing the Blizzard Entertainment label in 1994, the company quickly became one of the most popular and well-respected makers of computer games. Blizzard have launched World of Warcraft®, StarCraft™, Diablo® 3, Heroes of the Storm™, Hearthstone®, and Overwatch™ by focusing on creating well-designed, highly enjoyable entertainment experiences. Blizzard Entertainment has maintained an unparalleled reputation for quality since its inception.
BCFXSTUDIO is a Horror Monster Masks Maker and Creature Designer studio based in Seoul South Korea. The head artist Billy Choi specializes in the creation of half latex masks and resin/plaster toys. With precious experiences in Special Effect Makeup Artist and Prosthetic Artist background back in Toronto Canada, Billy is now continuing to create monsters here in Korea. Please visit Comic Con Seoul and visit BCFXSTUDIO. Everyday is Halloween!
SAMG Animation is the biggest independent CGI studio in Korea. In 2011, SAMG won the Emmy Award in Character Animation and Character Design for “Firebreather”, Cartoon Network’s first CGI feature film. “Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir”, a co-production by Zagtoon, Method, SAMG, and Toei Animation, has been a global phenomenon being aired in 120 nations via the channels including Disney and Nickelodeon. SAMG’s original titles such as “Vroomiz”, “Miniforce”, “Power Battle Watch-Car” are also enjoying global success, being available in more than 100 nations in 12 languages.
AURUM, Inc. was established for the Bright Children’'s World that Children-Family-Educational Institutions hopes to realize. First, AURUM, Inc. thinks of “"Children.”" A child must increase self-esteem in order to ascertain a creative yet autodidactic life. AURUM, Inc. wants to be the friend AURUM, Inc. believes that “"Family”" is a foundation of life. The closest, the most convenient and the place where solace and love overflow is a family. A child recognizes a happy family when they close to their parents. AURUM, Inc. strives to support the very happiness and fun for family cultures
SeoKyeong University
Seokyeong University, providing a future-oriented, practical education focused on the world' Seokyeong University is a four-year private university in Seoul, founded in 1947 with the aim of nurturing talented minds with wisdom, courage and personality. With its 71 years of history , since 2000, Seokyeong University has been promoted as a universal university of practical education for the future, based on practicality, innovation, and on the global growth and prosperity of the 1900's.
Seong Tae Jin
Colors-bright, loud, popping ones-structure Taejin Seong’s carved and painted wooden panel compositions. Often featuring crowded urban landscape and interior scenes, his works feature a comic book aesthetic merged with traditional woodblock printmaking techniques. Among the figures populating his busy scenes is Robot Taekwon V, an android from popular 1970s cartoons. He enhances his already textured works by carving patterns of text into their surfaces. The side of a house, for example, may be composed entirely of repeating letters.
Superani is a creative studio that started out with Kim Jung Gi in 2001, and its affiliated members include comic book artists, concept artists, illustrators, etc. To aide in cultural globalization, Superani studio has created diverse contents such as, live drawing show, publications, lectures, etc., in collaboration with numerous businesses, both at home and abroad, and is currently receiving positive responses in Asia, Europe, and North America.
Screen Accurators
Greetings Movie Fans. It is pleasure to present Screen Accurators. That's right. My team members are specializing in Screen Accurate film memorabilia, props, and replicas. We have been working on outstanding art pieces of the films such as Transformers, Avengers, and Child’s Play series back in 90’s. And We have prepared Child’s Play pieces for this year in Comiccon Seoul. Each Screen Accurator is looking forward to serve each visitor with nice and amazing contents. Please visit us and you will be able to check interesting souvenirs on 3rd to 5th of August. Thank you for read.
<Star Wars>, created by George Lucas in 1977, has cemented its position as a symbol of science-fiction film by building fandoms all around the world for more than 40 years. While a total of 8 episodes and 2 spin-off films have been released, <Star Wars> has been recognized as a worldwide pop culture phenomenon beyond the film series. Award-winning titles: <Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi>(1983), <Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back>(1980), <Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope>(1977) Other notable titles: <Solo: A Star Wars Story>(2018), <Star Wars: The Last Jedi>(2017) and more
studio 507
Studio 507 is a team of 7 students and graduates of IDAS, Hongik University who are very interested in character designs and art toys. Under the slogan "Anything goes", we want to express our unique artistic sense and individuality through our charming art toys, entertaining you with "Blanky"'s different designs and fun contents. We are looking forward to meet you at the booth!
Hello, we are a studio which outsources game currency, UI, illustration, and produces illustration books.
Sigongsa is Korea’s prestigious and acclaimed publishing house and was founded in 1989. It is a part of Sigongsa Books and Magazines Group including Chronos and Casa Living, and Sigongsa and its imprints publish a wide range of bestselling and acclaimed writers from Korea and abroad. Recently, Sigongsa has been publishing Superhero comics of Marvel and DC Comics, and other graphic novels in various genres, bringing a hot issue in domestic publishing market.
The enthusiast of SANDBOX type of games from SSU has established the community call SSANDBOX and the name created under majority's participation. The community is lover of e-sports and often organizes a competition among universities with title such as Hearthstone and many more. Inviting a mentor from Nexon, they are working on the game development and try to broaden their insight towards gaming. With the vision of e-sports, SSANDBOX is pushing hard to spread this culture and they will never stop.
C&C Revolution
We operates digital comic platform "Comic bang"(www.comicbang.com) and Digital comics critique magazine "Critic M" (www.criticm.com) Also, we've published paper comic book more than 100 titles since 2002, for example <Couple>, <TLT> and more. In addition we have managed, created and provided Digital comics like <Honey blood> and <Imitation> which is Korean No.1 IP and more.
Korea's first movie goods shop, CGV CINE SHOP CGV CINE SHOP re-launched in 2017, expanded its product categories to design stationary, living/kitchen, fashion, etc. becoming the best movie goods shop. Started with the first shop Cheongdam Cinecity, now there are over 10 shops including Daejeon, Daegu, Ulsan and so on. You can seize the fun and impression of the movie at CGV CINE SHOP with monthly sales event aligned with cinema release and movie characters. Meet Disney, PIXAR, Marvel, Star Wars movie character goods at CGV CINE SHOP!
The Art of Aardman Animations: Wallace&Gromit and Friends
'Aardman Animation: Wallace & Gromit and Friends' exhibition is back in Comic Con Seoul. The exhibition included a total of 370 master pieces, such as various drawing works, sketchbooks, clay dolls, original sets, and digital images. Also, for the first time, it featured some behind the scenes clips that have never been open to public before. It was an opportunity to experience the genuine analogue culture created by original craftsmanship. At Comic Con Seoul 2018, we have prepared a special space for those who worried that all the Aardman related goods were sold out at the exhibition.
Huion is the nationally supported and promoted high-tech enterprise which has the core technology and ability to research and develop independently. HUION is a well -known brand in the industry of digitizer products. Huion's main product line includes the Graphics Pen Tablet, Graphics Pen Display, Signature Pad and LED Tracing Board. ? After around 10 years development, Huion has grown into the world 's second largest brand of graphics products.
21st century , the most fascinating media for people is the game The idea and challenge of Koreans who made Korea a strong country for online games has been nurtured. now if anyone has a creative idea and motivation, through the game development, dream on the whole world I was able to expand. Have you ever imagined that someone else on the other side of the globe is enjoying a game you created? The SBS Academy is ready to be with your passion for your dreams and challenges to the world.
THE HCL3DPRINTING is studying 3D printing toys. At this Comic Con we make Cthlhu of H.P.LoveCrafte series which is reinterpreted by individual artists.
NGELGAMES is a company based on engaging in mobile platforms: game publishing, game development. We focus on creating new and fun experiences in our games and it makes people play our games for years. Our first title Lord of Dice has been released to 6 markets. - Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and North America and has grossed over Ten million dollar in the early 2018. We're here to Introduce our new title, Webtoon Hero Blockbuster! < Hero Cantare with Naver Webtoon> . Please don't miss the first look - rebirth of 3 famous webtoon IPs into a stunning turn-based action RPG!?
NGELGAMES is a company based on engaging in mobile platforms: game publishing, game development. We focus on creating new and fun experiences in our games and it makes people play our games for years. Our first title Lord of Dice has been released to 6 markets. - Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and North America and has grossed over Ten million dollar in the early 2018. We're here to Introduce our new title, Webtoon Hero Blockbuster! < Hero Cantare with Naver Webtoon> . Please don't miss the first look - rebirth of 3 famous webtoon IPs into a stunning turn-based action RPG!
ORTO is an artists who has performed since 2010 till now, broadly participating in Comic Market(Comiket) & COMIC1 in Japan and Comic World in Seoul & Busan. She re-creates the characters from games & animations into cute SD illustrations and puts them into various goods. * Main Subjects : Overwatch, NieR:Automata, RE:Zero, KonoSuba, Fate/Grand Order, MapleStory, Elsword, etc. ** Blog : https://blog.naver.com/orto_0220
ISOMETRIC OYO you are watching now is made in order to realize the universe vision of the Corean heavenly code. ISOMETRIC OYO represents a spiritual guide that tells us where we have come from and where we are going, thereby guiding us through our spiritual journey. . OYACHU BBEEONG illustrates ONE for all. One starts, which is the one that starts from nothing. One ends, which is the one that ends in nothing. And always the answer is LOVE.
O.M.ART is a platform agency that produces and activates overall art in a strategic manner so that it can proceed economically. Based on art, we are focusing on sublimating architecture, music, fashion, and intangible cultural assets into popular and specialized content. We collaborate with a variety of companies, government offices, and well-known artists in and out of the country.
olleh tv X AMC
AMC, the blockbuster US Drama Channel on-air on olleh tv Ch.221 AMC channel, the drama studio and channel of Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, Humans, The Terror, and The night manager. At Comic Con Seoul 2018, enjoy the new episode of 'Fear the Walking Dead' first in the world, and have zombie experiences at the interactive zombie zone!
ALLIP Co., Ltd.
We are solution company providing both H/W and S/W services specialized in ICT products and VR Our mission to discover the infinite value of customers by providing creative and innovative technology products that companies need.
Wild Wing
We specialize in manufacturing, importing, and distributing character goods such as figures and board games. (+82-10-5369-3581)
Yogibo Korea
Healing, Relax, FUNiture. It is the only furniture you are saying WOW for years. YOGIBO, launched in Nashua, New Hampshire back in 2009, have stores in Japan, Canada, Korea, Australia, Denmark, Taiwan etc. It is the unique healing item for you and your families, with its transformable function. Yogibo bean bag is not just a sofa, but it can be a chair, a recliner, a sofa and a bed. Fit to everyone’s body with stretchy fabric, It’s the brand-new lifestyle for you!
Warner Bros.Korea is a distributor in Korea and distributed <Interstellar>, <Harry Potter> Series, <The Age of Shadows>, and so on.
We are a fully-trained and experienced professional hair, make-up, and special make-up team with over 25 years in combined experience in fashion, theatrical, TV and film in Seoul, Korea. Our team have been offering highly specialized makeup and providing the best possible makeup for them since 1992. And we are recognized as a leading professional makeup team in Korea now. We have done hundreds of CF, more than 50 films and 100 TV dramas.
EGA Contents Entertainment
EGA is an art studio that cooperates with renown international firms such as MARVEL, Disney, Konami, Top Cow, Image Comics, etc. and continues to develop world-class artists . EGA also operates the 'EGA Academy' to educate content creators, as well as on the discovery, planning, creation and management of IP through advancing works with competitiveness and potential in fields such as: comics, web novels, animation, characters and games. Furthermore, EGA operates the 'Association of Content Acceleration' to consistently generate and re-spread unique added value towards contents and IP.
ILSHIN World Corporation
ILSHIN World Corporation imports and distributes confentioneries from tens of different countries such as Switzerland, Italy, Turkey, U.S.A, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia etc. and we form a strong partnership with number of global confectionery brands. We offer special promotions to the visitors of Comic Con Seoul 2018. Do not hasitate to visit our booth located near the 'Amazing Stage' entrance and enjoy the benefits offered by us. 1. COMIC CON SPECIAL OFFER ! Purchase variety of our products at a very special price ! 2. Lucky Draw ! Draw a lucky number and win the prize !
An artist shin young hee has majored in sculpture and has been active in both pure and commercial arts. At the moment, he is belonging to A-Planet, which is a creative art group and also participating in several public art projects. Among them, JAVI shows a new attempt to combine furniture and toys. And it is also trying to establish a new genre called Toy Furniture. Furthermore, he is planning to collaborate with various characters and brands. It is the core identity of JAVI.
JL is the biggest manufacturer and importer of playing cards and magic products in South Korea. The playing cards are very efficient for the variety they possess. Our company produces and imports only the best quality and it is being loved by all as a gift or collection. No matter what the age this item can be enjoyed by anyone. Currently, we have an official license for Disney and marvel. With this opportunity, we are getting closer to audiences heart with our Disney and Marvel playing cards and Magic products.
LD Studio
LDstudio corporation is an animal-loving animation studio. We support rescue animal shelter and animal protection group from selling animation, webtoons, and character goods. We hope our stories of companion animal have a good influence on growing the hearts of the people who love animals
CM Holdings intends to be a leader of character industry by not saving assistance and backing as a solid supporter for domestic character writers while adding special fun and value to born characters based on media such as movie, animation, cartoon etc. This company is producing more effective and best-quality models by introducing 3D printer and 3D devices having attracted attention lately and also are differentiated with existing modeling companies.
Art Nouveau is actively publishing works of art encompassing art books, such as art books and coloring books. Working with Disney Korea as a partner, we have collaborated with Disney Korea to develop a series of Disney art coloring books, and have published various art books as the official partner of Marvel Entertainment, Turner Entertainment and WEBNEN. We plan to maximize the value of our contents by planning and developing a variety of contents and fancy goods, and enhance synergy with our suppliers.
We Are Casfel Designed and Shipped from California. Who We Are? Our mission is simple - make cool things for everyday use better than ever before. The next evolution in air inflatable relaxation The Casfel AirLux incorporates innovation and an advancement in air inflatable know-how. It represents a proficiency and expertise in product development with a conscious effort to keep fashion and style.
An exciting world filled with Contents! COCOMICS is heading for the new hub in digital contents era. COCOMICS works in the fields of contents production, investment, importation and providing and was founded in 2015. We desire for the new creation of better life value through innovative contents distribution. From popular animations to MCN(Multi Channel Network) creators’ unique contents! We are still on our way.
TEAM CRIMSON, having two illustrators making fan arts out of various online games, presenting many drowned pieces of digital drawings and fan goods.
Figure class distributes and sells various figure and statue such as animation figure, movie figure, game figure. We deal with XM-STUDIO, PRIME1STUDIO, IRON STUDIO, THUME-ART, and other custom products. We introduce them to Korean collectors through figure and statue exhibition, planning production, exhibition convention. You can meet at the online pre-oder sales and offline figure class showrooms.
FIFTY FIFTY pursues an idea to become a bridge between contemporary artists, collectors and the public. Our "GALLERY" division presents both local and international artworks through exhibitions. Our "STORE" division helps collectors to engage with artists through showcasing various merchandise produced based on original artworks. Based mainly on collaboration with artists, our "ARTS" division assists artists to solely concentrate on their art works by handling all the necessary procedures from arranging with brands for collaborations to developing merchandise in various formats.
Handsome Studio
Handsome Studio is a design studio that plans, develops and produces Kidult contents based on Korea and our story. We will create not only domestic and overseas licensing business using its own IP(Intellectual property), but also character contents of various companies and local governments.
International Art Directors Group
AIR FIGURE ( Artist of IADG management) We are an international art team that combines Art with Air Technology to produce Air Sculpture. We works as an exclusive artist for the IADG management, and also we develop and creates all production processes, including 3D programs, sculpture techniques within the team itself. In particular, it is the only team that has patents and technological prowess to produce a floating sculpture in Korea.
STP Life is licensed exhibition agency, that held Special Exhibition of <Hello! Frozen> and recreates the Disney's 'Hello! Frozen' that has impressed more than 100 million people around the world. With experiences of 1:1 Life Size Marvel and Star Wars License Promotion and art exhibition experts took a part of Special Exhibition of <Hello! Frozen>. And in the Special Dome of <Hello! Frozen> will provide you with an experience of makeover activity of Elsa & Anna, making Olaf's doll, and ice rink. (Until November 18.) See our homepage for more information : www.stp-life.com
Beast's Pin Library
Beast's Pin Library offers a large selection of official Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and Anime pins.
Comic Studio San
Comic Studio San is the creative effort of Danny Kim, an artist from South Korea, and Rana Raeuchle, an artist and writer from the United States. The main focus of the studio is creative, independent comics in a combination of Western and Eastern styles.
We set a high value on the concept "one source,multi-use". Under this concept,one of contents is deployed in a plurality of media and the synergy effect is generated by making use of the merit of each of the media.We can obtain a business chance for each of a variety of businesses by further developing the contents.We are sure that the concept "one source,multi-use"is an important standpoint that will generate "New Joy and Excitement", which is the fundamentals of entertainment.
Gesha is an actively performing international cosplayer, started his career as a cosplayer since 2012. He won a lot of Russian & International Cosplay Contest and has traveled as a guest & judge in international events for last 2 years. He is an official cosplayer of Revelation Online, MMORPG developed by NetEast, Inc. and Dandelion~Wishes brought to you~, Female-oriented Dating Simulation Game made by Cheritz. Gesha is also building his career up as a prop & decor maker, working with photo studios, theators & professional wigmakers. Come and experience his cosplay, which is beyond reality!
Greg Pak
Greg Pak is a Korean American comic book writer and filmmaker best known for his blockbuster comic book series like Planet Hulk and World War Hulk; his award-winning feature film Robot Stories; and his record-breaking Kickstarter publishing projects with Jonathan Coulton, Code Monkey Save World and The Princess Who Saved Herself. Pak’s recent comics projects include Mech Cadet Yu, a creator-owned series from BOOM! Studios; Kingsway West, a creator-owned series from Dark Horse; The Totally Awesome Hulk and Weapon H for Marvel; and John Wick for Dynamite.
JM Williams
JM Williams is the author of several works of science fiction and fantasy, such as "The Nightingale" and "In the Valley of Magic." He has also had more than 30 short stories published by a wide range of publishers, including Bards and Sages, Fantasia Divinity, The Centropic Oracle, and Bewildering Stories. He currently works for Fiction Vortex as the head of the "Of Metal and Magic" StoryVerse and the author of the series "Call of the Guardian." He lives in Korea with his wife and an unmentionable number of cats, writing and blogging at www.jmwilliams.site.
JT Artz is a company designed to make art and tell great stories. As the lead artist Joe Tolliver has worked for indie comic books, writes and draws his own books, supports non profit organizations with donated original artwork, and enjoys supporting the cosplay community by doing portraits. JT Artz produces how to draw videos and is very active on social media. Swing by the “artist workshop” see the crew chat, check out cool artwork, and generally geek out.
Juggertha / Ed Foychuk
Illustrator based mostly in Asia
Livio Ramondelli
Livio Ramondelli is an American comic book artist with credits including Transformers for IDW Publishing, BattleStar Galactica for Dynamite and Pacific Rim for Legendary Comics . Other projects include Hidden Universe: Star Trek and Firefly for Insight Editions. He previously worked for Jim Lee at WildStorm/DC Comics doing design work on the DC Universe Online MMO title.
MK Comics
MK is a conflict resolution practitioner turned comic artist. Originally from Virginia, USA, she lives in Incheon, South Korea with her husband and two rabbits. She uses her background to tell stories about environmental conservation, the power of narrative, LGBT+ rights, and more. Her current project is Sea Legs, an ongoing webcomic that updates Tuesdays and Fridays at www.sealegscomic.com. For commissions or questions, send an inquiry to clare.m.koester@gmail.com. She can also be found on twitter/instragram @morrikoester.
Neo Geo World Tour (NGWT) is the first officially SNK supported eSports world tour for classic & titles including The King of Fighters 98 & XIV, Metal Slug, etc. The champions of KOF98 and KOFXIV will be invited to the global finals to compete against champions of every stop around the world, happening in Hong Kong on the 25th and 26th of August 2018.
peter v nguyen
Peter Vuong Nguyen is born and raised from Honolulu Hawaii. He has been drawing as long as he can remember. Has loved Comic book and animation as almost as long as he loved to draw. His first published sequential work with DC comics drawing a Superman short story in hallowen special 2009. He later went on to work on Catwoman Return of brucewayne ( new yorks times best seller), Secret Six, and Gotham City sirens. He has also worked for Marvel Comics, with characters like Black widow, Inhumans and other Avengers. Other Notable companies include Hasbro comics and cover work for Boom Studio
SAKAGUCHI YUKIKO is an artist from Tokyo. She creates her pieces with clay and resin, sometimes even animates clay animations. She works through exhibitions and events, wants to deliver a realistic sentiment, which excites the audience. Main character is Cup boy, fairy of cups, and Saucer girl fairy of saucers. She also has many happy characters with her, including cube sugar Sugar boy, and Rabbit alien from planet Rabbit.
Shero Comics
For decades, in the world of film and comics, the female voice has gone missing ? silenced even. Women have been relegated to being the sidekick, the girlfriend…the afterthought. Growing tired of being ignored, growing tired of countless panel discussions, growing tired of waiting…for inclusion, we’ve created our own universe ? the universe of the Shero. In this universe, the woman is Alpha! In this universe, the woman is Omega! In this universe, the woman is Almighty!
Timeless studio sarl/Eternal-S
Bonjour! I'm Eternal-S a freelance artist living in France! I'm really happy to participate at Comic Con Seoul ! Please come say Hi!
Timeless studio sarl/Kinnoishi Studio
Kinnoishi is a freelance artist from Paris.His drawings tools are his left hand ,an Intuos Pro and Clip Studio Paint.He loves comics, manga and games. His main influence is Hideo Minaba. Please come visit his booth for lots of arts!
WhiteLies BurlesqueRevue
WhiteLies is the founding troupe of burlesque in Korea. They embrace and encourage self-expression and body-positivity, welcoming anyone to join the troupe regardless of body type, gender, or experience. Their shows feature creativity through song, dance, and other performances. WhiteLies is always looking for new performers and audiences please contact us if you're interested!